The rapid sale of all shares in a new securities offering. See: hot. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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blowout blow‧out [ˈbləʊaʊt ǁ ˈbloʊ-] noun [countable] informal
1. COMMERCE FINANCE when a business fails or a financial market falls very quickly:

• Bull markets always end in a speculative blowout.

2. FINANCE a very successful period of time for sales or profits:

• Microsoft's performance was slightly better than expectations, but it wasn't a blowout quarter.

3. in oil exploration, when pressure from under the ground causes oil to flow in an uncontrolled way:

• a platform blowout that spilled thousands of barrels of oil into Santa Barbara Channel

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blowout UK US /ˈbləʊaʊt/ noun [C] INFORMAL
STOCK MARKET a short period of time during which shares are sold for a high price: blowout in sth »

While there was a blowout in hi-tech shares in the US overnight, internet shares in the UK performed in a more subdued fashion.

ECONOMICS a very difficult economic period during which companies lose money and people lose jobs: »

The blowout hit jobs in the finance sector hardest.

FINANCE a sudden large increase in the price of something: blowout in sth »

The blowout in the price of gas and electricity is having an effect on domestic bills.

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